viva las vegas...

my big sis and i try to meet up once a year to have some quality bonding time...no husbands or kids. just the 2 of us and we can indulge in our shopping, eating and just spending time together to catch up. i think the last time i was in vegas was my four years ago! i know, that's a long time for someone like me. =)
we landed thursday morning and went straight to check in at the palazzo. once we settled in , we grabbed a quick bite and then started gambling. =) we played pai gow for a couple of hours and did a little shopping. it's so convenient (or damaging to my wallet) that barney's is located right downstairs from our hotel! then we got ready for dinner. we made reservations to fleur de lys. we took a cab to mandalay bay and enjoyed a relaxing and wonderful meal!

Shaved Fennel, Ginger Ponzu, Fennel Seed Tuile
j got this most amazing truffle onion soup (and i don't even like onion soup)!

Piperade, Barley Risotto, Caramelized Chorizo Sauce
not my favorite - a bit too salty and the sea bass was slightly dry

Baby Spinach, Wild Mushrooms, Baby Carrots, Red Wine Reduction
omg...so delicous

too cute...the sugar outline had a fleur de lys but it was crushed when the server poured in the choclate =)

after dinner, we walked down the strip and then played craps for the rest of the night. we slept in friday morning...which is obviously a treat for both of us. after getting a cup of tea from my favorite coffee bean and tea leaf (which was so conveniently located by the hotel elevators). we sat down at a pai gow table and just gambled. ummm...we gambled from 10am until 6pm. seriously, i was not even hungry for lunch. poor j had to put up w/ my sickness. j finally felt a little light headed at 6pm. we grabbed a quick bite and then went out walking to see the new city center. the shopping center is amazing. it's very spacious and airy but just full of super expensive designer stores. while we were in the louis vuitton store, i had my celebrity sighting! j and i saw timbaland! he was just slummin it in some sweat pants and white t-shirt. no one even approached him! we then gampled for several more hours until we both got tired.

sunday morning, after my weekend routine of coffee bean, we spent the last couple of hours at the pai gow table. i had a great run and ended up winning after the entire weekend was said and done!

i was sad to leave vegas and of course to say goodbye to j. however, i missed my 2 boys and it was nice to see them when they picked me up at the airport!

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