happy new year!

i can't believe another year has passed and we are now in a new decade! the holidays have been great w/ aj; his development has just been amazing these last couple of weeks. everyone in my family is already saying he is going to be a very stubborn child and boy does he have some attitude! as my mom so kindly reminds me, i was not the most angelic child growing up so she thinks this is payback.

in the last week or two, i've definitely noticed that he is very decisive about what he wants. he is very good about nodding his head no and is an expert pointer. i am still having some problems w/ what he is pointing to and what it really means. for example, if he points to the refrigerator or microwave, it actually means he wants some milk.

we've definitely noticed some growth spurt really from what he is able to reach now. he can reach all the door knobs and is "exploring" turning and opening doors. he actually opened my sister's front door the other day. he can reach things off our kitchen counters and dining table so we have to be careful about not putting anything close to the edge. he can nicely slide his body off our bed and land on his feet w/out falling on his butt. hahaa.

he loves going out now. he gets very excited when we get his jacket and is very willing to put it on. the cutest thing he does is get his shoes and bring it over to us. he'll then stick his foot out to put his shoe on.

the sweetest thing we've noticed is that he loves his baby nephew. whenever he sees j, he always smiles and makes his mischievous expressions. he probably loves him because he knows he can bully him since he's bigger.

we've been really bad about taking pictures but my sister has all the holiday pictures. i'll post some once i get them from her.

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joyce said...

happy new year to the laus!!

don't you love this stage? it's absolutely been my favorite so far. well, minus the full body screaming temper tantrums (so much for terrible twos, more like terrible 15 months, haha!).