kudos to my father...

who has officially retired today! after 35+ devoted years of working for the city of san francisco, he has finally decided to hang up his "mop".

my father is the typical immigrant story. he came to america over 40 years ago to provide a better future for his family. with minimal english skills, he fell into a job as a janitor. although he was a blue collar worker, he always loved what he did and still does to this day. also, it was literally "blue collar" as his uniform shirt was blue hahaa. although it wasn't the most glamourous job, my dad always worked hard and really did enjoy working for the city. also, the health benefits were always great for our family and he has a really good retirement plan now. that's actually one reason why he can retire a bit earlier than his 65th birthday.

it always amazes me to think how my parents were able to raise three kids, while owning 2 homes in san francisco and working pretty low income jobs. there obviously wasn't any extravagant things that we had or did while growing up but we were also never really deprived. somehow my parents learned to make things work!

sometimes i do wonder (and s wonders ALL the time) how i possibly grew up with so little and somewhere along the way my tastes / preferences changed. when did i start to want all the nice things and why does it matter so much? how did i get these horrible spending habits when my parents tried to instill such a frugal mentality? s always says i act like money grows on trees. i really don't and try not to spend recklessly but sometimes i do get a bit out of control. =(


joyce said...

congrats to your dad!! now he can enjoy the rest of his life hanging out with his grandsons! :) isn't it amazing how different we become? my parents are so great with money, they pay for every home improvement with cash (new double paned windows, new roof, remodeled kitchen) and i can't save enough money to buy a stroller! sheesh...what is wrong with me?! i think it's a cultural/generational thing tho. and yes, i agree, you do get a bit out of control...hahaha. :)

cosmo127 said...

congrats to your dad! i love your dad, he's so cute. :) pls say hi for me.