aj's first christmas

since s and i were both not working the week of christmas, we felt that we were up to hosting christmas. also, with this being aj's first christmas, it was nice to have both families together. the only missing person was s' sister, who unfortunately, had to work on christmas. this was the first time that we've hosted a dinner with aj and it was interesting to say the least. prep time definitely slowed down due to having to break to breast feed or entertaining him when he was feeling lonely. we also made all the dishes from scratch and it took a bit more time that we thought. i actually ended up not making a salad because we had more than enough veggies and i ran out of time!

aj had a great first christmas with his grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins! he was very grateful for all the generous gifts and can't wait to play with all his new toys!

our christmas dinner

j always making sure everyone is liquored up!

busy eating...

m with c

g and f enjoying dinner...

j trying to give c food - c saying 'don't touch me with that thing'

j givng aj the stare down

j wants aj off of him while...

c just wants to get away from both of them!

my family minus the hubbies...

s' family minus the h's

paw paw and gung gung with their 2 favorite grandson

aj with paw paw

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Tan said...

wow, i can't imagine having both families together. i love the pix. and awe, what a cute picture of aj and your mom!