3 months old

i can't believe aj is 3 months old today (ha, i think i say this every month)! this last month has definitely flown by; probably due to the holidays. so let's recap how my sweetie has changed...

weight - he's definitely getting bigger! i'm not sure how much he weighs but he definitely feels heavier heehee. he actually started wearing 3-6 months clothes a couple of weeks ago; more really for his length though.

sleep - it was rough for a bit. he was waking up a couple of times a night. not for a feeding but he just wanted to be soothed. so i'd wake up at 2ish, comfort him and then have to get up at 4ish to feed him. well, just this past weekend, he started waking up at 4 to be soothed and didn't get back up until 7 or 8 for a feeding! i'm actually getting at least 5 or 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep! i won't hold my breathe - we'll see when he regresses! his naps are going well. putting him down is relatively painless, it's getting him to take long naps! he'll usually wake up after 30 - 45 min but needs to be soothed to sleep for another hour or so. since his bedtime is still 10p; he usually takes four naps a day. i'm trying to adjust and get him into bed earlier but it doesn't really work out with his feeding schedule.

feeding - what a good transition into his feeding. i've survived another month!! i can honestly say that breast feeding is actually going okay! my breasts are still quite sensitive and i don't think they'll ever look the same again. my only issue is that since he's going longer without a feeding, my breasts are quite engorged. i actually look forward to feedings at times so that i can get rid of the milk! i just want to survive another month and then i have to think about going back to work and pumping - yuck!!

personality - i'm happy to report that his temperament isn't as serious anymore. he's definitely a more happier baby. he's not really into looking at himself in the mirror. he's most happiest early in the morning and after each feeding. he loves to see new faces and loves having people talk to him. he also really likes being on his changing pad. he has this panda bear that he adores and these hand puppets that can entertain him for hours.

smiling on his changing pad

"oh interesting, these are called toes?"

"why is mommy making me do tummy time?"

"i love sleeping on daddy!"


joyce said...

yeah, don't get too excited about the sleep thing just yet. i think he's still too young to be on any sort of predictable schedule. but do enjoy those long stretches!!! :) that's funny, R loves being on his changing pad too! no matter how fussy he gets, as soon as i lay him down on it, he's as happy as can be. so weird!! sue, all i can say about feeding is be happy you have more than enough milk!! i'm so jealous! wow, i can't believe he stays up so late!! R is showing us his sleepy cues at like 6:30 (his bedtime is 8).

i just can't stop staring at his smiley picture...love it!!

Jeanne said...

Love the smiley pic too! I can't believe it's been 3 months either!

Tan said...

ditto on the smiley pic! look at those chubby cheeks. :)

um...sorry to confirm...your breasts won't be the same again. :(