2 months old...

i can't believe aj is another month older! we had his 2 month wellness check up today and he did very well! you know, other than the loud crying when he got his 3 shots. =( he's progressing along well...he's pretty proportioned in terms of his percentile. he now weighs 12 lbs 2 oz and his head circumference is 15.75 inches (both of which are in the 50% percentile). he is 23.5 inches tall which puts him cusping the 75% percentile.

so what has changed since last month? i think the biggest development is that he is so engaged now. he loves to socialize and hang out with friends and family. he loves to make eye contact and follow people's movements. he doesn't have any problems being carried by different people and being passed along moving from one set of arms to another. he is very active. somehow, while being swaddled in his sleep, he moves his body ninety degrees and is in a completely different position than how we had put him down.

i had been feeding aj every 3 hours and would sometimes have to wake him up to feed him. the pediatrician said i no longer have to do that since he's at a good weight. in the evenings, he does tend to eat sooner than 3 hours. the doctor said it's probably because i don't have as much milk in the evenings as i don't get the rest that i properly need during the day and also because he's 'storing' some milk to get him through the night. i never really thought babies knew to do that! and speaking of feeding, i am happy to report that breastfeeding is definitely better now. it's still not pain free but i've survived another month!

s and i have noticed that aj has a very serious demeanor. we don't know why but he has this look like he's stressed out about something. he does smile and laugh but it does take him a while to warm up; he normally just stares. our college friends say that must be from his parents and our 'deadly' stares from our fraternity / sorority days.

i do have somewhat of a routine with aj. i take him out everyday. we try to venture out at least twice - working around his feeding schedule of course. i usually try to do one trip shopping; alternating between burlingame, hillsdale, stanford and target. then we'll usually make a 2nd trip out on a walk around the neighborhood. i definitely try to do 2 trips out now before it starts to get too wet and cold outside. it's also a good way for me to get some 'exercise'.

here are some pics of aj with some friends: coincidentally, the 3 infants below were all born in september!

r and aj scoping each other out

ummm...despite the age difference...uncle m and aj have the same hairstyle going...

aj was too busy sleeping to hang out with k

x and aj were actuallly due a week from one another but x came 4 weeks earlier than expected

i guess this is how infants 'hang out'?


joyce said...

wow, they gave him 3 shots?? R got 2, and one oral vaccine (which he spat out half of!). lol...yeah, sue i remember you in sorority...meanie!!! :P j/k!

slam said...

we were behind on the hep b shot so we said...heck what's one more shot. mean parents huh? our little piggy couldn't get enough of the oral vaccine. he loved the baby tylenol as well!