2 week check up

today, s and i took aj to his 2 week pediatric appointment. great news...he is well above his birth weight! he now weighs 7 lbs 8.5 oz and grew an inch to 21 inches now! jaundice is gone, his umbilical stump fell off mid last week and he's peeing and pooping like crazy!

i haven't really mentioned much about his sleeping pattern and our adjustment to parenthood. overall, i do have to say that s and i are very blessed with a fairly mellow newborn (let's hope this isn't a jinx). he sleeps quite a bit - at night, he sleeps at least 3-hour or 4-hour intervals. he wakes up to get his diaper changed and fed and we just put him back to sleep. i mean, it's still tough since we do get up every couple of hours but we aren't up for very long. well, unless he has an explosion and then s will have to change his entire outfit which is a bit tough when you are half awake.

since i am still having breastfeeding issues, i do pump in the middle of the night and s gives him the bottle. i do feel bad for s since he is back at work but i just can't get up to change, pump and feed him. i do try to give him a break if i'm breastfeeding but that's usually in the morning and he's already up getting ready for work so he only gets to "sleep in" on the weekends.

i'm still trying to figure out the right balance of pumping and breastfeeding. i know i need to breastfeed more to "toughen" up my nipples / breasts and to get aj to be a better nurser. however, he just made one of my nipples bleed again; so i'm trying to give it a break because it just gets worse each time he goes on the breast since he still isn't latching on correctly. so i'm still trying to get aj to latch on correctly. he still pinches a bit but i'm just trying to hang on until it gets better (that's what keeps me going is the assumption that it WILL get better).


joyce said...

it does get better...i had my doubts too, but i think it was around week 6 for me that i noticed that my nipples were no longer cracked or sore! it was great. let your nipples heal before putting him back on, or just feed on the side that's not bleeding, and pump the other side. did he have to get his tongue clipped? you'll find that balance between pumping and feeding in no time. :)

alice said...

tongue clipped???

slam said...

it's not as painful as it sounds. =)it's a piece of tissue underneath the tongue that helps him extend his tongue further out to help with breast feeding. being tongue-tied occurs more often in boys than girls.

Catherine said...

hey mommy! have you used any lanonlin yet? may I recommend Lansinoh Breast cream. it is all natural and safe for you and AJ. congrats on being new parents!