sundays = stress

growing up in san francisco, i've always been a football fan; especially with the niners and their amazing dominance in the 80's. what has made football more enjoyable in recent years has been fantasy football. i used to only care about the niners but fantasy football really makes you put more research and attention into other teams and players.

as silly as it sounds, only after 6 weeks, this has been a very stressful season already. the strength in my team is build around my quarterback and 2 running backs. i don't have very strong wide receivers. however, i've been ridden with injuries very early on!! ummm... brian westbrook has been out for 2 games and willie parker has been out the last 3 weeks. now, romo has a broken pinkie and will be out for a month!!

if s and i don't have plans, we sit in front of the tv and separate computers on sundays and take turn staring at the games on fox and / or cbs and our computers for our scores. so silly we know. everyone says that this will most certainly change after the baby comes out so why not enjoy it now while we can! =)

i'm currently 3-2. wish me luck tonight...i'm down by 4 points and have toomer while my opponent has burress!


Jeanne said...
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Jeanne said...

Steve is one lucky guy!

grant said...

romo will be back with a vengeance don't worry. and now he'll have roy williams too. in the meantime pick up kyle orton.

joyce said...

lol...you guys are hilarious! well, hopefully you can still find a way to continue FF after the baby comes!