happy anniversary...

s and i had our 3rd anniversary last tuesday. unfortunately, i was sick and we just stayed in and had take out chinese food. how romantic huh? it's crazy to think that i've been with s for over 9 years now ... that's 1/3 of my life!

my sister is now in her 27th week of pregnancy and i don't think i've mentioned that they are having a BOY! so so exciting! i'm working on her baby shower plans and i'm so excited to have her friends and family together to share this wonderful event!

in exactly 3 weeks i'll be back in the big apple! i can't wait to get my fix of cupcakes and shopping!

on the home front, there's currently 1 project that i'm working on ... trying to finish the paint in our bedroom. i just need to touch-up the trim (but i've been saying that for the last 3 weeks). we are also going to re-landscape our back yard but we'll leave that to the professionals. i'll post some before and after pictures later. we discussed re-carpeting as well but i'd rather do the backyard first.

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