back to the real world...

today, i started a new job!

after many years at g, i decided to leave the company to take a break to mentally and physically refresh myself. i was very particular about what kind of position i was looking for and the type of company i wanted to work at. i really think i found everything that i'm looking for at this new place. it's a smaller company with some amazing, talented and passionate people. i think i will have incredible opportunities to learn, grow, be happy and feel supported.

however, it's such a different transition to go from being at a company where you've built 5 years of relationships, credibility and comfort in processes and tools to starting all over and being the new kid on the block. i felt so helpless to not know such simple things such as where is the bathroom, the printer or even the closest starbucks?

other than the discomfort and nervousness about starting at a new company, my first day was fantastic!!! the company has a really great focus on making their employees happy and recognizing their contributions. the people seem down to earth and really focused on an appropriate work/life balance.

i really do think i've found a good home for my career. =) i hope this isn't just my honeymoon phase!


joyce said...

ugh, i hate that feeling, not knowing how to do the simplest looking tasks! but i'm sure in no time you'll know the ins and outs of it all! good luck, sounds like you picked a winner! :)

Amy said...

I'm so happy you're liking your new job!! Can't wait to hear more about it - and I'm sure you know, but you still have the support of many of those relationships you spent time building, even though it's not at work every day.