another year older

it was my birthday this past weekend and the most exciting part is where my husband takes me to dinner. every year s treats me to my favorite restaurant, gary danko! i'm impressed every time we dine there - the atmosphere is warm, the wait staff is incredibly attentive and knowledgeable and the food is just extraordinary!! i always have the best dining experience at gary danko.

i can't believe another year has just flown by! this past year has been full of amazing experiences and challenges.

i think one of my biggest revelations is understanding my role as a 'wife' and how to develop a strong marriage while still identifying with my sense of independence. s and i have been married for 2 years and together for 8 years! it's so easy to get comfortable in the relationship and to take each other for granted. marriage is hard work. whether it is conflicting schedules, career ambitions, habits (good or bad), financial stability or in-laws, these are all things that are a work in progess. they continually evolve as we get older and our priorities shift. the key is communication, compromise and never go to bed angry! =)

financially, i'm coming to grips with my somewhat senseless spending habits. i finally feel a sense of accomplishment in my savings and creating a fiscally responsible budget. getting started was by far the hardest hurdle. now that i have a good foundation, i only want to keep saving and saving!! s thinks i'm a bit obsessive now.

professionally, i was at g for over 5 years. however, with the disappointing business, constant change in the leadership team and lack of accountability, it became too difficult to be happy at work. the company that i once loved working at and had so much passion for was diminishing. i recently found a new "home" and believe this will be where i'll be for many years to come!

so, for this upcoming year, i have 2 major goals. however, i'm keeping them to myself until i accomplish both of them!

btw - i have a wonderful husband!! he surprised me in the morning by making me breakfast in bed! =)

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